Allow Me to Introduce Myself

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As I mentioned before I’m Kei. I’m a young-ish stay at home mom of 4 human children and an avid chicken enthusiast. I’ve wanted a backyard flock for years now, but our old neighborhood had an HOA (Homeowners Association) that forbid the owning of livestock and poultry. Bummer! So what’s a girl to do? If you said “SELL YOUR HOUSE” you’d be correct.

After years of obsessing and meticulous planning I decided we needed to list our house. I called up the realtor and I had only two requests: 4 bedrooms and the ability to own CHICKENS. Eventually the realtor stopped laughing, realized I was serious and we got to work. I ordered my chicken coop before we put a contract on a house. I was THAT serious. Soon we were saying goodbye to our townhouse, in our loving but uptight HOA community, and hello to our 4 bedroom “farmhouse” on a super modest half acre. Now to clarify it isn’t really a farm house, but I went really heavy on the farmhouse motif so let me have this one.

Shortly after moving in, my egg yolk yellow (store bought yolk yellow not farm fresh yolk orange—just thought I should make that point) chicken coop was delivered. About a month after that I got a call from the post office that my peeping package had arrived. I vividly remember because I was at a park playground with my toddler. I screamed, tears of joy streaming down my face. I snatched her up off of the slide and ran full speed to the car. In hindsight it either looked as if I had just received devastating news, or I was kidnapping this child. I’m glad no one stopped me or called the police.

Keep in mind that I had read every Pinterest article there was to read but I had zero real life experience and was mostly winging it. There were some steep learning curves and harsh realities in those first three days. I remember sobbing hysterically into the phone to my husband as my buff silkie, Butterscotch, took her last breaths in my hands—my first loss. And even though I have since toughened up (three chicks would perish total) it never gets any easier to lose one.

It’s now been 28 weeks and I finally feel like I’m getting the hang of this. A few ladies from my flock have started to lay regularly and have been providing us the with most beautiful eggs.

So what am I doing here? I’ve always wanted to write a blog and honestly I always thought it’d be a parenting blog, but let’s face it I just don’t have my ducks in a row well enough to be telling anyone else how to do that. And by that I mean every parent was made perfect for their own child. So while I may occasionally post some “mom stuff” in here my main focus is on homesteading—poultry raising, gardening (and trust me my thumbs are BROWN—both figuratively and literally), and whatever other “farm stuff” I get myself into. So after much thought and waiting on inspiration I just decided to jump in with both feet. Raising chickens is such a passion for me that I just wanted to share it. I’m new to this whole blogging world and very inexperienced, but if you just stick with me while I work out the kinks I hope to bring you something enjoyable.



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