Easy How To: Stomp Out Flock Boredom with this Boredom Buster

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Materials you will need:

  • Shepherd’s hook
  • Screw in eye hook
  • Nylon rope
  • Cabbage (or treat of your choice)



  • Place shepherds hook in chicken run at desired location
  • Screw the eye hook into the root end of the cabbage (Tip: Remember righty tighty lefty loosey)


  • Tie rope through the eye hook


  • Measure the rope from your desired height to the ground (make sure your bantams can reach it) and cut it
  • Tie a knot and there you have it!

Simple! Right?

The chickens may be afraid of it for a moment but it helps to peel off some of the cabbage and hand it to them so that they can see that it’s edible.


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