My Biggest Compost Problem Solved

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CHICKEN POOP! BLACK GOLD!!!  It’s the the best composting material in my humble opinion and I just happen to be the proud owner of mountains and mountains of it (lucky me). I’ll be honest on these cold winter days  just not looking forward to schleping potato peels or apple cores outside every time I get one.

So what’s a girl to do…?

Luckily my mother in law gave me a wonderful Christmas gift. The Linkyo Kitchen Compost Bin!  First of all can I just say what a thoughtful gift  that was. It has a beautiful stainless steel design which makes it pretty enough to sit on the counter.  It’s compact size makes it small enough to fit under the sink, but big enough to hold a few days worth of kitchen scraps.  It comes with 4 thick carbon filters that keep the odors trapped inside of the composter.  The description says that 4 is a years worth of filters. Mine is currently storing potato peels, the peel off of an ear of corn and the stripped cobs and I can’t smell anything!


Now I can collect a few days worth of scraps and save myself a few trips to the back of the yard. I had been using a five gallon compound bucket with a lid but there were a few problems.

  1. The lid had to be kept on tight to prevent odor
  2. I still had to empty almost daily because the lid being on didn’t allow it to breathe and would grow mold
  3.  Even with the lid it still really smelled.

I really feel like I’ve solved my composting frustrations.

Want one one of your own?  Check it out below!!!


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