What the Heck is an Egg Skelter and Why Should I Want One?

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So before joining the chicken world there was a LOT that I didn’t know about eggs.  To be fair to myself here, how much does anyone really know about eggs.  Eggs come from the grocery store…I mean they come from chickens, but mostly they come from grocery stores.  All eggs are the same, but if you’re feeling fancy spend an extra dollar and spring for organic to impress you friends.  Get home from the store and for the LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY refrigerate them because eggs are extremely fragile and don’t stay “good” for very long.


When I learned that eggs were usually 45 days out from the chickens butt before they hit your store shelf I was flabbergasted.  After deciding to get hens I did a lot of research and learned about how much a hen’s food and life style directly effected her egg quality and how the labels in the store didn’t always mean what they claimed.  But the thing that shocked me the most was that EGGS DON’T NEED TO BE REFRIGERATED!!! Let me clarify; FARM FRESH UNWASHED eggs do NOT need to be refrigerated (see my post on egg care…soon to come)  and stay good on the counter for a month! Who knew eggs were shelf stable, certainly not this girl.

So when my girls suddenly and unexpectedly started laying in the winter I didn’t have anything to keep them in.  I just started laying them on the counter.  I figured I would just get a basket, but my concern (since we were getting so many) was using them before they went bad.  Then I was introduced to the SKELTER!!!!  It’s like a rollercoaster for the eggs. It utilizes the FIFO (First in First out) method for the eggs.  When you pull out the eggs that you are going to use the other eggs roll forward to be used next.

If you’re interested in trying one out for yourself check out the Amazon link below.  AMAZON PRIME is a dream come true for busy people, especially on the homestead.  I got this in two days at a really reasonable price.



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