2018 Homesteading Goals

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If you’re anything like me you LOVE making New Years Resolutions. Now I don’t go full “New Year New Me” but I love any excuse for a fresh start. This year I didn’t just name New Year Resolutions for myself but also for my homestead.

  1. Extend Chicken run and add gate: The chickens have been escaping like crazy and running over to the wooded area of our yard. After fighting it and fighting it I just thought “well what the heck let’s just make it part of their run”. So that became my birthday goal! Instead of barn raising I’ll be celebrating my birthday by having a “Run Raising”. Also I’m tired of ripping my sweaters climbing over the chicken wire makeshift door, the gate is more of a gift for me than the chickens.
  2. Build raised garden beds: I tried growing in the ground at our old house (same county…same dirt) and although the foliage grew nicely the fruits of the plants lacked. I’m determined to create the perfect “garden bed soil blend” (stay tuned I’ll be sharing it in a blog I’m working on called “Let’s Talk Dirty”) and have a wonderful garden experience.
  3. Grow a successful garden: I stress the word successful because I have been “growing a garden” every year of my life since childhood. However 2 years ago was the first time I ever grew a single edible item and even still they were stunted. This year is the year I grow an abundant garden. If I get one carrot I’ll call that a success. Carrots are darn near impossible to grow. I always joke that my thumbs are grown (both literally and figuratively) but this is the year they turn GREEN!!!
  4. Learn canning – – and to make tomato sauce: I don’t like raw tomatoes. I’ll deal with them on a sandwich but I’ve never much cared for them raw, but I LOVE growing them. But other than feeding them to my dogs and chickens why would I grow something I don’t like. That’s when I decided I’d learn to make tomato sauce so I could stop buying the preservative laden grocery store jarred sauces. But then I’d have to learn to can–and I’ve been looking for an excuse to do that so here goes!!!
  5. Raise meat chickens: this one is still in the early stages of thought. I love and adore my pet chickens–my egg layers and could never ever eat them, but here’s the thing: ever since we started looking into how our food (eggs) is made I’ve been wanting to eat healthier meats as well. And what better way to know where my meat is coming from than if I raise it myself. I’m sure the first time will be hard, but I DO think I can do it. I contemplated raising them and having a butcher do “the deed”, but I honestly think it’s more respectful to the birds if I do it myself. Updates to come.
  6. Add one new animal to the homestead: that’s pretty self explanatory! I love animals. I wonder what it’ll be…wait and see!
  7. Build a dog pen: Rhaegar spends a lot of time outside and I’d like him to have a special place to go all his own. I don’t know if I’ll get the guts to build the actual dog house, but I can handle the pen. I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m an “expert” fence builder
  8. Build a HOT compost pile: I have regular compost heaps that I let the chickens help break down and turn for me (everyone on the homestead has a job) but I’d like a nice, rich, steamy compost heap to quickly turn into garden material. I need to build a cage for it so it’s the right dimensions to get hot!

That’s all for now, but there is always room to think and dream!

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