Sprouting Grain: Take Two Because Everything is Better in Mason Jars

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Little know fact about the Southern states, everything is better with mason jars. I’ll admit I’ve been a little tardy to the party on this trend but now I see what all the ruckus is about.

I cannot take credit for this idea I’ve seen the idea a few times in my Instagram feed so I figured I’d give it a try. So I went on Amazon and ordered some mason jars and these cool little Strainer Lids.

The process isn’t much different than the foil pain method as far as set up is concerned. Simply fill your 32 ounce mason jar with 1 cup of barley.

Next cover the barley with water and add the lid.

Let soak for 12-24 hours

The idea of the strainer lid is to allow air into the jar. It also makes it really easy to drain the water off of the barley. Each day you should wet the seeds (give them a swish) and then drain the excess water. I have seen these sprouting kits on Amazon that come with these stands but honestly I’m not sure exactly what they’re for. I do plan to look into it. I sit my jars in the window, but I’m hoping that I’m the summer I can grow some outside.

Day 1:

This is shortly after the overnight soak water was drained off. Not a lot of change but we’re just beginning

Day 2:

The amount of space that the seeds are taking up seems to have doubled. The seeds have little sprout tails This seems double the rate of sprouting in the aluminum pans. Ugh! All the wasted days!!! Why didn’t I start this sooner?

Day 3:

The seeds are rapidly approaching the top of the jar! I wonder if at some point I should remove the lid so that they can grow out of the top?

The “tails” have grown exponentially but no sign of green tips just yet! It’s at this point I’m starting to wonder what changed in my life to make me so excited about seeds in a jar. Some questions will never be answered.

Day 4:

The green shoots are finally sprouting up. I” starting to wonder if I plant this in my card can I use it as grass?

There are much less loose seeds in the jars and the sprouts and roots seem tightly grown together. I’m wondering how long to let them grow. I think I’ve decided on a full week.

Day 5:

The sprouts are going crazy!!!! They’re now touching the top of the jar. There isn’t a lot more room left for them! Still contemplating having a yard full of this stuff. Imagine playing kick ball on such a lush bouncy lawn!

Day 6:

The sprouts are growing through the lid!! I’m pleased with how fast this is going.

Day 7:

The final Day! I think they’ve grown the maximum amount that they can in the jars and I will be feeding them to my flock. The only part I didn’t think through is how to get them out of here!

After much fighting with the jar and eventually just leaving it for them to eat out of the jar, I realized that if I just stuck scissors down in the jar and cut it up that it came out much easier. Hindsight right!

Overall I find this process much more fool-proof than growing fodder in the trays. It’s also a lot faster. I think I will continue this system!


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