Building a Milking Stand…I Needed Help!

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So if you’ve been keeping up with all of my building adventures you may be shocked by the title. I’m practically a carpentry expert ( don’t choke on your water laughing) by now. So you may be asking yourself, how could someone as skilled as me need help–that’s what you’re wondering right. But alas something even I can’t figure out. Shocking I know! (If you haven’t figured out that was satire/sarcasm yet please start from the beginning and read again). And the head gate on the milking stand had me dumbfounded!!

So to start I put on my safety goggles because safety first. Also I haven’t looked this stylish since 7th grade science class!!! Then I pulled out my very own circular saw and I started cutting on free pallets. Let me just say that you probably won’t do anything more intimidating on a Monday night at 9pm than use a circular saw for the first time. It was less invigorating and more terrifying! I got the base to my milking stand cut with all of my fingers and toes in tact. Which is good because if I lost any appendages I would’ve had to spin a major yarn as to what happened. No way I was admitting to my family that I chopped off an elbow working on a milking stand. I have a smidge of dignity left–not much but some. Next I disassembled the other side of the pallet to get some pieces for the head gate (or so I thought) This is where I got stomped. I’ll admit moving parts and pieces aren’t my strong suit

I like to build things that are square or long squares (inside joke with my husband–meaning rectangles). That’s when I had to call in reinforcements. And again came my Knight in Shining Denim aka the Denim Knight also known as my father-in-law Mike!

I didn’t have a lot idea to get this done but I sent him a few pictures so he knew what the end goal was and he set to work.

I am 10000% blown away by the results. This is a country mile better than what I was going to build and even better than I could’ve imagined! He even added a food bucket on it for feed and treats for the milking doe. I love how this turned out! Better than anything I could’ve bought!

All the credit goes to this guy!!! (Sorry ladies he’s taken!!!!) Mike I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work in the cold! I hope you enjoy your cake!


2 thoughts on “Building a Milking Stand…I Needed Help!

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