Target 🎯 Haul

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I have a few favorite stores: Tractor Supply, Southern States, Harbor Freight and Target in no particular order. But today I took a causal trip to Target 🎯 (I was supposed to be getting chicken breasts but we all know how that goes–go in for ONE thing and get everything else but that–I did get the chicken though) and found a few cute items that I wanted to share.


I’m a sucker for a cute mug. I AM a Capricorn (although I’m nothing like how they describe them usually) but I honestly just bought it because there is a goat on it πŸ˜‚. I really love the “mommy fuel” cup but its ENORMOUS. I don’t know whether to drink from it or bathe in it. All I’ve gotta say is if I drank a full cup of coffee from it I would be able to hear colors and smell sounds.

Kitchen Towel:

Kitchen towels are another item I’m kind of obsessed with. But inevitably whenever I buy a decorative towel someone will use it to wipe up a mess. Oh really the one time you clean up after yourself in your entire life you use my decorative towel…figures! #momlife

Oven mitt:

BECAUSE…CHICKENS!!! I feel like this one is self explanatory–how could I not buy an oven mitt with chickens on it? But I really did need a new oven mitt. My old one has a hole in it and I keep burning my hand.

Calla Lilly:

I just couldn’t pass up these BEAUTIFUL purple Calla Lillie’s. They’re such an interesting flower and they bring a lot of color into our kitchen.

I think I’m going to start doing a MONTHLY haul or MONTHLY favorites video. Some will be homestead related and others may not but I like sharing my finds with you all. If hauls/favorites are something you’d be interested in seeing more of let me know!!!


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