Goats, and Chicks and Children… Oh my!

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Well this week sure was a doozy. First we started with my 2 year old needing to have the ambulance called. We just love asthma season.

Add being novice goat owners to the mix.

and scoop on a hardy helping of brand new baby chicks…and ducklings.

And cue the exhaustion.

It’s fun, but quite stretching at times to keep up with all of my crazy ideas 💡 even with my “squirrel” brain.

” Have kids” they said “it’ll be fun” they said 🙄


Kidding of course. Plenty of kids means ample help and enthusiasm on the homestead, but it really does stink when one of them gets sick, especially with something scary.

I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend. Too bad there’s 4 days of rain in the forecast.


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