I’m Sick but the Goats Must Go On

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Let me just reiterate the point that I made in my “Homesteader Tag” video, homesteading MUST be a PASSION!  It cannot be something you “have to” do.  It cannot be something that you “begrudgingly” do.  You have to LOVE it.  Prime example.  Today I’m sick.  The last thing I wanted to do this morning was get out of bed, let alone go outside BUT it was the first day with a working milk stand and I’ve got to get these girls trained to it.  Aside from that; the dog needed to be fed, the chickens needed to be fed, and the goats needed to be fed.  My husband is more than capable of feeding everyone, and perfectly willing, but the milk stand is new to us all and I wanted to get out there and see what was what.  So I put on my trusty “Allergic to Mornings” sweatshirt (that I’m sure you’ve noticed in almost EVERY VIDEO) and my polka dot rain boots and went out to check on my ladies.

It’s the passion that gets you through.  Just like in marriage.  Some mornings you’ll roll over and your wife will look like crap with snot tissues every where and you will have to dig deep (I mean really really painfully deep) to remember the passion that made you marry her in the first place (I’m not speaking from experience here I’m sure my husband has NEVER seen me like this–ha ha!)

This morning it was cold, rainy, and one of my Naked Neck chicks has passed away during the night in the brooderbut the excitement of getting the new goats up on the milking stand got me through.  Would I rather be in bed “abso-fruit-a-lutely” but being up with all of the excitement isn’t so bad.

If you want to check out how the ladies did on the milk stand just watch this video!!!


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