When Farming’s Not Fun

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For those of you who think every single moment of “farm life” is a blast I was among you. Farming was always fun…until it wasn’t. Now I’m not saying that I no longer enjoy homesteading because that isn’t true. It’s my absolute passion and favorite hobby, but nothing is fun all of the time and even your favorite pastimes come with frustrations.

I was compelled to write this post when I had a flat out “not fun” moment. A moment that made me question why I don’t day drink.

Picture this I was in the house trying to get dishes washed up with an emotional two year old (corrected for redundancy–because emotional and two year old are synonymous). When I hear the dog. His sudden sound off alerted me that something was wrong in the yard. I look out of the window and sure enough I have a handful of chickens escaped. Between “the hawk” and the dog who went tearing off after them to “save” them I knew I needed to get out there quickly. But I couldn’t just leave the toddler. So I say “we need to save the chickens get on your boots and coat”. Now you and I both know that it doesn’t matter which coat you wear outside for this task, but a toddler doesn’t, because they are not reasonable human beings. So she squawked about wanting her rainbow coat and not her heart coat and dawdled over which pair of boots she should wear. Just as we’re almost out of the door she pinches her finger and has a complete meltdown. Not a mobile melt down (that would have been far too convenient). It was a “stand in one place because I pinched my finger” melt down. The squealing was so intense that I surely thought I needed to add “find toddler’s finger” to my To Do list.

When we finally got outside she is still upset and not wanting to help me chase chickens. Rhaegar was wanting to help a bit too much and Poquito was perched on a fence threatening to fly onto someone else’s property.

That’s when it hit me. As I was climbing up on the fence praying that the dog didn’t startle the chicken I thought to myself “this isn’t fun”. I was surprised that I thought it because generally I’m not phased by these hiccups, but today it was frustrating. Today the dog knocked the toddler over one too many times, one too many chickens escaped and I forgot one too many things I needed to get done (like buy Valentine’s Cards).

Fortunately these were small items. No one was harmed due to the chickens escaping, all ten of the toddlers fingers are still safely attached, the Valentine’s Day cards got purchased and the dishes were eventually washed. Some “not fun farming” days are worse. Baby chicks will die, animals will get sick, crops will fail, finances will fluctuate and fencing and building will come apart. That’s when I follow this advice…

…Remember why you love it. Remember why you fell in love with homesteading in the first place. If you and your spouse have a bad day you don’t throw the whole husband (or wife) out and start over (although I’m sure we’ve all thought about it) you remember all of the things you love about them. Remember how cute baby chicks are. How much better fresh eggs taste. How fun it is to harvest your own food.

These “not fun” days are few and far between. And the good almost always outweighs the frustrating but it’s okay to think “this isn’t fun” and still be a good homesteader! Just try not to set up camp there. It’s okay to have some off days but try to remember why you started in the first place!

Happy Flocking!


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