Hold on Tight, We’re going There! I’m Talking Reusable Menstrual Products

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I know the title and topic may be shocking for some, but it shouldn’t be. Menstruation or “periods” are a very REAL and very NATURAL part of many young girls and women’s lives. There is a HUGE stigma around talking about it and I hesitated to make this post, but I’ve been enjoying this “natural living” transitional journey and was looking forward to sharing it with you.

The first reusable product that I tried was the menstrual cup. Specifically the Diva Cup. Can I just tell you that there is a learning curve to using a cup and trial and error but DON’T GIVE UP. There is a “Goldilocks” cup out there for MOST of you. Ive been using them for over 4 months and I’m still “adjusting” so to speak. I did switch from the Diva Cup to the Lunette cup because it was smaller and seemed to be a better fit for me. You just have to try a few.Menstrual cups give you the dryness/comfort and confidence of tampons without the risk of TSS and toxins/cotton fibers being left behind inside of your body, but it’s still important to take proper care of your cup. Boil to sterilize before using the first time. In between uses wash with a Menstrual cup safe soap (I like the soap Lunette makes) and boil in between cycles. I also HIGHLY recommend using a safe lubricant as well (although I didn’t like the one pictured above and ended up putting it in the “kidding kit” haha)Cloth pads are one of the easiest ways to introduce yourself to reusable menstrual products. They are made of much nicer materials than traditional pads. They snap inside of your underwear (waterproof side touching your underwear) and when you’re done you just wash them. No different than washing cloth diapers just less steps. They’re very absorbed and wash very easily. I suggest ordering a wet bag to keep in the bathroom to store them in before you wash them. Period Panties are the next easiest alternative. They would’ve been number one because they’re literally like using nothing but I find that a lot of people (me included) just didn’t want to trust them at first. Like could you really use NOTHING and have your clothes be safe, but they really work! I have tried both Thinx and Anigen and I like them both. Anigen is cheaper and works just as well. Thinx does however have an absorbency guide on their website to help you select your panties to your own personal flow. You can throw these in your wet bag as well. I also highly recommended rubbing some of DoTerra’s Clary Calm on your abdomen and on a pulse point or two.

Over all I know this can be an uncomfortable topic (hopefully less so now) but periods can be uncomfortable (LITERALLY). But it shouldn’t be something anyone is embarrassed to talk about. I know trying “unconventional” products can seems intimidating, weird, or even gross. But you won’t regret trying these products. And your period might even be a little less painful.

And Check out my YouTube video on the matter. Don’t worry it’s not graphic.

To find out your perfect cup check out “Put a Cup in It” and take their quiz!


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