Let’s Talk Dirty

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Woah woah woah before it starts getting weird I meant that literally…like literal dirt. If you were thinking something else I won’t be offended if you back out of this post…or stay and learn about garden soil…it’s up to you!

I spent MONTHS trying to decide the best kind of dirt for my raised garden bed. I watch a million different videos and read a billion different articles but the important thing for me to remember is that the people who wrote the articles didn’t necessarily live in my state.

So that’s my first point: BE SURE TO START WITH LOCAL SOIL! Local soil is used to the weather that you get where you live. If you live in the dessert you don’t want soil from a place that isn’t used to droughts and hot temperatures. If you live somewhere cold and wet you don’t want dessert soil that isn’t used to your amount of rain. So I ordered some topsoil from a local landscaping company. I also had them add a potting mix (with compost) because my compost wasn’t ready yet. But I did NOT spring for their actual compost ( as lovely as it is) because

  1. I was looking to save some money
  2. I have my own compost it just needs a little more time

Before ordering a soil delivery be sure their truck can fit through your fence if it cannot be SURE that you have air in your wheel barrow tire and plenty of able bodied people who don’t mind helping move it.

The next thing you have to think about is amendments. Having local soil is important but more often than not local soil is almost completely depleted of vital nutrients. Compost and aged manure add back a ton of those nutrients. Peat moss not only provides nutrients but it’s texture helps break up the soil and aerate it to provide an ideal habitat for your plants roots. It also provides wonderful moisture retention.

I’ve also heard wonderful things about Azomite, which is a collection of trace minerals that greatly improve root health, and Mycoorhizal Fungi, which supposedly increases the available nutrients to the plants. I have not tried any of these amendments but they are ones that I am considering because I’ve heard such great things!

If you want to watch me build my last Garden Bed, move my dirt, add and stand out up my “fence” then check out the corresponding YouTube video “Let’s Talk Dirty” .

Happy Flocking!


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