Chick and Duckling Brooder Hack

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Now I cannot take credit for this as many people have mentioned it in various blogs and videos I’ve come across over the years. But I wanted to share with everyone the method I use to keep my brooder *somewhat* cleaner, drier, and tidier.

A PAINT TRAY and if there are ducklings involved a PAINT GRID

Usually chicks just make a mess with their food, but ducklings like to have a big time with their water too. Which is messy and annoying for you, but can spell disaster for chicks, especially bantams. It’s also a good idea to keep them separately for this reason AND because ducks just grow so so much faster than chickens (even if it takes their feathers a lot longer to grow). But if you HAVE to keep them together for some reason, or if you are just keeping ducklings and they’re messy this is a great hack.

The grid allows the water to fall into the paint tray below and not get splashed in by the ducks.

If you just have chicks and are only using the paint tray it will help catch the food that would usually get wasted and pooped in.

I hope this hack helped!

Happy Flocking!


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