While I am Going Crazy Waiting for (Goat) Labor, I Built Something!

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I believe an unfortunate part of Goat Owner Initiation is your pregnant doe acting “off” and laying in weird positions to make you think “IT’S TIME”. You’ll go running out of the door like the gullible fool you are only to find her happily chewing her cud wondering why you look so stressed and where your other shoe is. “But while you here please give me a treat”. 😑 If you don’t believe me just watch this–The Doe Secret Code (not my video but hilarious).

So to keep my mind busy I like to have a project or two to work on.

I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled, since I got the girls, for some large cable spools. But now that everyone and their brother upcycles them into fancy tables and upscale patio furniture, they cost an arm and a leg. But then I scored the mother load…

…well the mini van load, and they were 100% FREE!!!

Now all I had to do was figure out how to get these all the way to the goat pen. After all they are not lightweight. Child labor problem solved! She really enjoyed helping me roll these! She is such a cute helper! Check out those tiny muck boots.

Now believe me when I say I was more than happy to just have scored these for them to stand on or scratch their back on…*ahem* Capribut then when I was carrying out some scrap wood, screws and the drill to cover the holes (I was warned about broken legs) inspiration struck! A GOAT PLAYGROUND! So I went into “The Room of Requirement” (Harry Potter Reference), a.k.a my shed that is filled with all sorts of scrap wood from the people who lived here before us, to see what I had to work with. Lo and behold there were pieces cut to be the perfect sized ramps and bridges. And this idea was born. Capri still believes it to be a glorified back scratcher but they really seem to love playing on it. I’m sure they’ll use it a lot more when they aren’t so pregnant. I really built it because I want to see their babies on it! I’ll soon be attaching brushes so Capri can really get a good scratch.

So another project down and another day of preparing while we wait for babies. Anticipation is the worst part for me. Why can’t she just hold up a sign that says “Hey I’m kidding now”.

And don’t forget to check out my Goat Pen Update Video


2 thoughts on “While I am Going Crazy Waiting for (Goat) Labor, I Built Something!

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