Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me About this Chick 🐣 Raising Lifesaver…?

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If you have ducklings in your brooder run don’t walk…RUN to Tractor Supply or your local feed store and get some of this. First of all it’s only $5 for this big 40 pound bag. Secondly, it is SO ABSORBENT! Anyone who has raised ducklings is unfortunately familiar with their ultra adorable habit of knocking over the waterer and frolicking in the mess. Super cute, right? But it leaves you cleaning and replacing bedding constantly. Not to mention it starts to stink. But not anymore! When wet the pellets expand and then kind of explode into a “pine powder” but has a drier consistency than sopping wet flakes or slushy puppy pads, so no one gets a chill.

It also helps combat that weird sweet but kind of farm-y smell that comes with a chick brooder. Right now all we smell is pine.

An even better perk is that it’s already a super fine consistency to go into the compost just like your pine flakes but already broken down!!!

I haven’t decided if I’m going to switch to using this stuff in the coop, but for the brooder this is my new favorite product.


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