Capri has Given Birth

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Wow! What a whirlwind of a day it has been. I woke up not feeling terribly well (I actually cancelled an appointment I was supposed to go to because I was feeling so icky) but as always I still went out to check on my ladies.

The first shock of the morning is that there was a “critter” in the shed. It was very loud, sounded kind of big and I could hear it moving around but I couldn’t see it so after feeding the goats I ran–I never claimed to be brave. Later when I came outside again I saw Te Fiti perched on the neighbors fence ready to fly in and realized that she was the “critter” in question. Thank goodness because otherwise I had full intentions of sending hubby in there too sort it out!

So I checked on Capri again and noticed that she had some mucousy discharge, her ligaments were very soft, her udder was huge and she was staring into space. I made a video to ask about it in a Facebook group and I went inside. I didn’t want to get my hopes up that it would be today but I definitely thought it’d be within the week. I called my mom up to tell her the news and she encouraged me to go check on Capri again (it had been about 12 minutes) and I get out there and…



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