Homesteading Binder: Keeping Records and Why it’s Important

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Now that Capri has kidded and the amount of goats that I have doubled overnight it’s more important than ever that I keep track of everyone. The 3 things that I chart are: family tree, medical record, and kidding records.

Family Tree

To be honest family tree I mostly keep for fun, especially for the older does, but for the younger goats born it serves as a good reminder of who was bred to who. These does we’re bred when I got them, but for future breeding I plan on keeping a breeding record as well as a record of their heat cycles.

Kidding Record

Since we are raising our girls for dairy purposes they will be bred every year so it is important to keep a kidding record. It not only tells us who had which baby, but it lets us keep up with how many she had and the outcome. So if we have a doe who is prone to stillbirths we would know in advance and maybe not breed her. It also lets us know “hey this girl is prone to triplets so be prepared”.

Medical Record

In my humble opinion this is the MOST important form. If you do not record anything else I highly recommend using this form. Especially if you have more than one goat–and you SHOULD because they are herd animals. If you don’t have more than one stop reading this post and go get a second one right now–I’ll wait!  For the rest of us let’s discuss why keeping medical records is so important.  Unfortunately it’s terribly easy to forget what day you wormed and when they need the follow up dose. Who got cooper bolused and who didn’t? Who got their CDT shot? Who had that eye infection and when? When’s the last time I trimmed hooves? If you have 4 human kids, goats, chickens, dogs and chores and can hold all of that in your memory I salute you, but this girl has to write it down. Having a medical record can also help you see any patterns. This goat seems prone to pink eye or that one always gets a cold this time of year, to help you take better care of them–and that’s the goal after all!

If you liked the forms that I use in my binder here is where you can get them I DID NOT MAKE THEM: Goat Forms. Making spreadsheets and forms is not my strong suit so I give all of the credit to the website linked above for saving me all of the time and effort and putting their forms free on Pinterest. Thank you Oakhill Homestead!


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