Choosing Chicks–Which to Order When you Can Only Have a Few

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Do you want pretty birds?  Prolific layers?  Colorful eggs?  All of these are important questions to ponder when choosing your chicks.  It’s even more important if you’re only allowed to have a few.  If you have to be selective you need to know your “WHY”.  Why do you want chickens?  Is it because they’re cute and you just want some pets?  If yes then go with pretty birds.  Is it because you want to make money and start and egg selling business?  If so go with prolific layers. Is it because you want fresh eggs for your family?  In that case you can really choose any bird.  Knowing your WHY when getting started is key.

Don’t let all of the options get you intimidated.  Write down your why and stick it to your computer screen so that when you’re geeking out over the dozens of choices for baby chicks you can try to keep your wits about you–and it won’t be easy–I get chick drunk by merely opening the website. Polish hens are beautiful and super friendly and make great pets, but if you want to start an egg business 6 Polish hens aren’t going to serve you that well.  So try to be practical (trust me this is NOT a strength for me, just ask my husband).

So here are my top picks in EACH category.

Pretty Birds: Birds that are fun or funky to look at. May not be great layers but make great pets.




Naked Necks

Prolific Layers: Lay lots of nice quality eggs.

White Leghorn (although they are not my favorite chickens 🐔 they WILL lay like machines)

My PERSONAL favorite prolific layers:<<<<
er Egger


Colored Egg Layers: Any color other than white <<
ster Egger

Blue Favaucana

Cream Legbar

Black Copper Marans

So choose your why and then pick the birds that are best for you. My other advice to you would be to order two of each type of chick because sometimes chicks die but you can’t just call in and order one (they can’t ship alone) so you’ll either have to make another minimum order or go without that breed that you wanted.

My favorite place to order from is My Pet Chicken. They have an excellent selection of birds and great customer service!

If you want a closer look at my flock you can check them out here in this video.

Happy Flocking!


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