Best Milking Advice Ever

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Watch the Video–Best Milking Advice EVER

Are you training a first time goat to milk? Well I am and it’s a learning curve for both of us and although Capri is much more patient than Millie she has her limit. I think by the end of the first few sessions we were both ready to cry. In fact maybe we both did. But then I heard the BEST milk training advice ever.


The bucket is your weakness and the goats know it!

I know that sounds insane but think about it. You and the goat have been fighting for days to learn how to milk. She thinks you’re trying to steal her babies food and you are desperate to get just a few drops. You’re not asking for quarts just a swallow for your morning coffee. So you cling tight to your bucket anytime she kicks you hang on to that bucket for dear life trying to preserve those few precious drops that you have! So they kick and you let go of the teat to grab your bucket. AHA! Now they know your weakness.

So for the first week of training ditch the bucket and milk onto the ground or a towel. That way if they kick you hang on and keep on milking. There is no bucket to try to save. They will learn that kicking doesn’t get you to let go and then you can introduce your bucket after the hooves stop flying.


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