Are we Really Going there?!

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MEAT BIRDS! Cornish Cross.

I know I can’t believe it either.  My how times have changed.

When  I first started with chickens I couldn’t imagine harming a feather on their cute little heads.  No matter what we would NEVER eat my babies.

So what happened?

I became a HOMESTEADER!  I went from being a person who owned chickens as pets to someone who was raising animals and “farming” to care for and nourish her family.  I was so ecstatic that we were getting all of these fresh wonderful eggs that were such excellent quality and then eating chicken meat that was subpar and it just didn’t seem right.

So the wheels started turning.  Did I really want to raise up animals for SLAUGHTER?  I wanted desperately to be someone who got to say without guilt “Oh yes I eat meat, but I don’t care to know where it comes from” but it didn’t feel right and it felt disrespectful to my birds.

So I tried to think of ways around it.  “Well I will just raise them, but then we will send them off to be butchered”,  but there are two problems with that:

  1. Why pay extra to have them butchered?  At that point is it really cost effective?
  2. It still felt disrespectful to send them away for their final moment.  I recently watched a VLOG from Justin Rhodes where he talked about it being the farmers job to make sure the animal being butchered only had one bad day in their beautiful life.

So then we were in it to win it.  Jumping in head first and learning how to farm our own protein.  We are working hard to give our chickens the most humane and respectful life possible.  It is important to us that they just experience one bad moment in their beautiful lives.  We will dispatch the in the quickest most humane way.  They will be thanked for their contribution and they will not be wasted.

Stay tuned to see our journey with the meat birds and whether or not we like it enough to do again.



We know that not everyone agrees with killing animals for food, but it is our intention to be humane and respectful along the process.  We understand if you do not want to read these blogs and watch these videos and chose to skip this portion of our homesteading journey.


2 thoughts on “Are we Really Going there?!

  1. I’m excited to read your on this, as I’m exactly the same way! We’re probably still a year out from getting our first meat birds, but I am trying to get a head start on preparing myself. Good luck, and I know your chickens will lead a very good life, even on that one bad day since they will still be handled by someone who cares that their last day is as respectful and painless as possible.


    • Thank you! It means a lot when people tell me that they think I’m taking good care of my animals. I’m trying to give them the best life possible. I’ve never taken a life and the thought makes me anxious. The bought that I’m putting my families wants over this animals life but I want my family to have healthy food.

      Good luck on your journey as well.

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