Making a FREE Goat House! I’m at it again!

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As you all well remember from early posts/videos on my blog I am a very accomplished builder *cough*sarcasm*cough*…

Don’t remember?  Check it out:

The Goat Playground

The Milking Stand

And who could forget the GOAT HOUSE

As you also know from this post I like to pinch pennies whenever possible, so what did I build this time? Another goat house of course, since I’m soooo ‘good’ at it and this time I did it without help, and I BUILT IT FOR FREE!

Since adding the new girl into our herd she hasn’t fully acclimated.  Unfortunately part of her hazing is NOT being allowed in the shelter.  Since she is due to kid in the next few weeks I want her to feel safe and comfortable so I added a new place for her.

So if you’d like to laugh at me…erm…I mean learn from me how I build things.  Check out this video!!


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