We’re in LockDown

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Update on the fertile eggs! It’s day 19 so our second day in lock down mode. I’ll be honest I’m pretty nervous about our hatch rate. I believe 2 of the 10 eggs are “duds” because they lit up like lightbulbs when I candled them and nothing was inside. There were some (of the few that I could see into) that had great veining and I’m hoping that they will hatch. And then there were he eggs, like the Olive Eggers that have both blue and brown tones and are really hard to see through, Marans eggs as well, so all I could see were that the eggs didn’t glow except a small bit (air sack I’m assuming) and sometimes veins.

I’m a first timer so I don’t have a lot of hope that I did this right, but I have faith something will hatch.

Wish us luck. Friday hatching should start!


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