Oh no! Will I be Able to Save It?

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Oh no! One of the duck eggs that my broody hen has been sitting on has cracked.

This is problematic because if bacteria gets into the cracks it bugs the developing duckling in danger.  I’ve heard that there is a method to saving these eggs.

First I candled it to make sure the duckling was still alive and…IT IS!

Now its time to melt the candle wax onto the egg.  It would be a great time for me to have regular candles, but all I have left are this TRICK birthday candles so I guess the joke is on me.

Once the wax was dry I said a quick prayer and put it back with the hen. She tucked it safely under her and now we wait!


2 thoughts on “Oh no! Will I be Able to Save It?

    • Well I think it could’ve but the hen who was sitting on it abandoned it. She stole a chick from another hen and decided it was more fun than an egg. So I guess I’ll never know.


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