How to Install Chicken Nipples…(bet you didn’t know chickens’ had nipples)

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Yup chicken nipples are real and if you click the video below you can watch me install some

Video Instructions

What you will need to do this yourself:

  • 5- Gallon bucket
  • Chicken Nipple Waterers
  • Drill (preferably one that’s been charged)
  • 3/8 drill bit
  • Water
  • Prayer

Start off with prayer. You’re praying for a snug fit of the nipple screw so that you don’t need plumbers glue/tape because we both know that you don’t have any (at heady I sure don’t).

Next drill a hole per nipple (waterers not your own). I highly suggest drilling them low on the bucket so that water will flow from it until the last drops. Once the water gets below the nipples it won’t come out of them anymore (basic physics–I never took physics but this seems like physics).

Then screw the waterers into the holes. This is where you get to see if your prayers were answered. Fill the bucket with water and watch for leaks. We didn’t have any (God is good all the time).

Now set it in your chicken run and watch your chickens ignite it. Voilà!


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