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Gilmanor Swap 2.JPGI have been looking forward to this for 5 months.  It’s a HUGE swap where everyone comes together with whatever farming and homesteading items they have (goods, services, animals) and it’s a huge networking event for the agriculturally minded.  To be honest I was in heaven.  It’s like the two best parts of the fair combined, animals and food…no sketchy midway rides or rigged games needed.

Plans changed, we were supposed to go as a family, but my husband was doing a famer’s market with a friend so I ended up going alone.  Which proved dangerous.  I am now the proud owner of a donkey, an alpaca, a peacock and my husband has left me.

KIDDING.  I was actually super responsible and only left with a few chicks. And of course the goat that I went to sell.  It seems as if all of the selling spots got sold off the day before and it was no use trying to sell there today.  No worries, RC Cola will find his forever home.

It was so funny to see people walking around holding chickens and rabbits in their hands.  The real genius of the whole swap was the guy who sold boxes.  He banked on the fact that people would need something to put their animals in. I see you box man.

It took EXTREME will power not to buy a pot bellied pig and a Nubian goat, or Mini Cow today, but right now our backyard homestead has about all it can handle.

If you want to see the footage of my adventure look no further…CHECK IT OUT !!!


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