Food Saver

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It finally happened. I got tired of all of my meat getting freezer burned. I got tired of wasting food and money. I FINALLY started vacuuming sealing my meat and I can’t go back.

I always planned on getting  a Food Saver because I knew I would want to start processing meat birds and I knew the best way to preserve the meat that I had painstakingly worked to raise, would be by vacuuming sealing it.  But today solidified how necessary it really was.  Today I decided to clean out my freezers   I am DISGUSTED at the amount of meat that had become freezer burned.  Not just the meat that we left in the store packaging, but even the meat that we put into freezer bags trying to protect.  It was heart breaking.  In the past we tried adjusting the freezer temps, changing where in the freezer we put items, and different methods of wrapping it.  We even tried only buying tiny portions of meat at a time.  But I have 4 kids and don’t have time to run to the grocery store every time I need to make hamburgers.  Not to mention I like to stock up when I see a sale.  So the time had come, we could put it off no longer, we needed to be come “Food Savers” (see what I did there?).

It’s so easy!  Like ridiculously easy.  As long as we’ve had it I’ve put off using it because it just seemed overly complicated.  It’s not.  You literally just put the food in the bag, close and lock the lid, and push a button.

I remember when I was a kid in the early 2000s (a MILLION years ago) if I would wake up in the wee hours of the morning and couldn’t sleep I would watch informercials and the FoodSaver commercial as very popular at the time.  I loved people over acting with excitement.  Admittedly as a kid and even as a young adult I thought it was a gimmick and seemed unnecessary.  It’s all fun and games until you have your own home.  Now I know the error of my ways.  I want to make up for all of the lost time and wasted meat.

Not to mention the ORGANIZATION.  My freezer looks a thousand (maybe even a MILLION) times better now that all of the meat is nicely packaged and can be nicely stacked and organized.

It didn’t seem to me at first that this was an OBVIOUSLY homestead type product but it really makes so much sense for a homestead.  Packaging and preserving meat.  Freezing extra fruits and veggies from a harvest.  Even packaging your dog’s raw meals.  This one is a game changer guys check it out.

To get your OWN Food Saver and see for yourself click here.


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