I had to Bury One of my Best Friends

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Even though yesterday was an exciting day filled with new life it wasn’t without its hardships.  My favorite hen, my beloved Hei Hei fell ill and passed she passed away this morning. HeiHei

I have had HeiHei since she was two days old.  Early on we noticed that she had a crossbeak and knew she would have her challenges, but she rose to the occasion.  HeiHei was sassy and spunky.  She had the personality of a dog and was loyal and followed around at my feet.  She even came when I called her.  And in true HeiHei (Moana) fashion she was just a little bit (or a lot of bit) derpy.  But oh I loved HeiHei with all of my heart.

Yesterday I was doing morning chores and I noticed HeiHei standing hunched.  I wasn’t sure what that was all about but I went about going to the shed to get their feed when I hear AJ say, “Mama dat chicken dead”.  I dropped the feed bucket and came running, when I got in eye shot of the chicken run I screamed.  I scooped up my beloved HeiHei and she moved.  Thank you God, she was still alive. I was crying hysterically running into the house, stopping impatiently every few feet for my toddlers tiny legs to keep up.  I burst threw the door where my husband met me, because he heard me crying, with a terrified look on his face.  Honestly I expected him to be relieved when he saw that it was “just HeiHei” but the look of terror remained because he KNOWS that HeiHei is my favorite, she is my FRIEND.  He asked me what happened, and I thought I was explained it to him, but it came out as more of hysterical squeals.  She was deteriorating fast and her eyes were closing and there was NOTHING I could do.  I knew she would die.  I fixed up the hospital kennel and fed her electrolyte and probiotic water in an eyedropper.  A few hours later she was STANDING.  I had hope for a moment that my beautiful HeiHei would live.  But I knew it was foolish.  I could tell by the way that she was standing that she wouldn’t survive and honestly I was probably just prolonging her suffering.

Then I began to think the unimaginable.  Was I really about to have to “put down” my best friend?  With my own hands.  My husband offered to do it, but I couldn’t bear the thought. If she was going to be culled it would be me. It had to be I owed her that.  She layed down and went to sleep and I decided to give her until morning.  More for me than her, but she had perked up once before maybe she could do it again.

This morning HeiHei was gone.  I haven’t cried any more I think I did all of that yesterday.  But I also haven’t spent much time with the chickens or working in the run.  It just isn’t the same without HeiHei running up to my feet.

HeiHei wasn’t some stellar show bird since her face was deformed and she wasn’t an excellent layer, after all she was almost 1 and NEVER laid a single egg.  But she was simply perfection and my flock will never be the same without her.

Fly high my LOVE!


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