Toffee Gives Birth—Video with a close up view!

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The day has finally come.  Sweet Toffee, our Mini Nubian has given birth.  Click Here to see the birth video

It all started last night (Sunday the 20th).  I was doing evening goat chores and milking when I noticed that Toffee had discharge hanging from her.  Her ligaments were gone and she wasn’t acting herself so I figured this was the big day.  We kept a close eye on her until  midnight.  At midnight I had a feeling that she was still a little ways off and new decided to go to sleep.

When I woke up this morning (Monday the 21st) I looked out of the window and didn’t see Toffee, which meant she was laying down in one of the goat houses.  I quickly got dressed and went out to check on her.  She popped up and came over to me…NOTHING.  I figured that she was just playing me and it’d be a few more days.  Every time I checked on her throughout the morning she seemed slightly off, but mostly fine.

Closer to around 11 she started having harder contractions and zoning out and I knew that today really would be the day it was just a matter of me having patience.  A watched pot never boils after all.

So to find out what happens check out the VIDEO.

And if you want to know more about what we do AFTER delivery check out the link on Post Partum Care for Goats.


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