Feast or Famine on the Farm

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I’m just going to say it…THANK GOODNESS that we don’t depend on our hobby farm for our survival.  1.) Because I am a horrible gardener and we would have no fresh produce if it was left up to me to produce it.  2.) During the early spring we went through a time of plenty. Eggs and milk were abundant.  Peas were falling off of the wines everywhere I looked and I even hade enough bounty to give away.  Fast forward to the harsh heat of the summer and my chickens and ducks on  strike and molting.  I’m lucky if I get an egg a week.  The garden has gone to the weeds and completely dried up and my watermelon and cucumbers have all died.  My potato harvest was paltry and in all honesty the only thing that’s growing is a volunteer tomato plant from a seed I dropped.

Also life got so busy and hectic with AJ’s diagnosis and condition (Rocks Along the Path: More of Asher’s Journey ) that I got too busy to butcher my second batch of chickens and I ended up giving them to a friend who had more time than I did.

We lost a lot of chickens this spring and summer and things have over all be a little rough on the farm.  I’ve been more consistent training Rhaegar lately and the chicken deaths have stopped.  The other issues such as fencing and the poor garden yield was mostly due to me being stretched so thin that I was neglecting different areas like weeding and mending.

But I’m honestly NOT discouraged.  Even though this years garden yield was poor I know it’s not because we have poor dirt or horrible vermin issues, it’s simply because I neglected it.  So I have plenty of hope and faith that next growing season will be better.  There were definitely rocks along our farming journey this grow season, but there is still plenty of room left to grow.

How did your farm do this summer?

Happy Flocking!


2 thoughts on “Feast or Famine on the Farm

  1. Ugh, life does get busy. My garden did really well this summer, but now it’s going to pot. I am just really tired of tending it. Thank goodness fall and winter come around and give us a break!


    • I’m so glad you had a great summer garden! And yes I’m very glad for the fall and winter break. I almost planted fall greens but then I thought better of it because we’re going out of town. I keep promising myself that next year will be the year that I get the garden right lol. I’ve been saying that over ten years now.

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