Let’s Add a Hurricane in for Good Measure

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hurricane florence

So as if I wasn’t preparing for enough with our big trip to the children’s hospital coming up it turns out we have a hurricane headed our way.  Now I will admit I am no good at preparing for inclement weather.  I’m much better with snow (so if the power goes out the cold foods can survive outside) but no power during warm weather is NOT my forte.

So here’s what I’ve done to prepare so far:

  • Bought a flash light and lantern
  • Bought bottled water
  • Bought charge packs for our phones

To prepare the animas:

  • making sure everyone has enough food
  • Securing shelters
  • Cleaning shelters
  • Removing projectiles from the yard
  • Making a safe back up space in case things get too intense

We’ve are supposed to be having rain all week so that makes it really difficult to prepare the animals.  If it comes down to it I will put the goats inside of the shed, which will be messy, but it is what it is I suppose.  For the chickens I will lock down the coop if necessary and make them all stay inside until the danger passes if that’s needed.  Rhaegar will be safe inside the sunroom if he chooses to stay out or he will come inside of the house.  Let’s just pray none of the top heavy pine trees fall on our house or car.

I still have to go to the grocery store to get bread for milk sandwiches (that joke will never get old).  But seriouslyI do need to go to the grocery store to get safe snacks for AJ during the storm and regular snacks for the rest of us.  Praying that we don’t lose power and it’s just some wind and rain.

Please keep us in your prayers.  If you are in Florence’s path stay safe and as always Happy Flocking!!!


3 thoughts on “Let’s Add a Hurricane in for Good Measure

  1. We are in central NC and the water and bread has already sold out at many stores. However, I know for a fact that Food Lion trucks are all running on schedule and will have more in stock in the stores. We usually fill the bathtub for potty flushes, and fill all our available pitchers with water. We always have candles and flashlights with batteries on hand. I expect rain, wind, flooding maybe, and certainly power outages. I am thankful we are not closer to the coast.


      • You won’t be able to pull water in, but if you have water and a bucket available you can flush it down. We have a well, and septic and a second bathroom. We typically fill our master bath with water for using just for flushes, and if we don’t lose power we drain the tub once the threat has passed.


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