Beginning the Journey to Wellness

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Saturday, September 15th

Asher is all buckled up and ready to go. Could she be any cuter? No, I didn’t think so!

Saturday morning rolled around and I had been awake for a few hours with anticipation, but I purposefully procrastinated in bed because I knew the more time I had to kill the more antsy I would become. I volunteered to go get breakfast, stopped to get my eyebrows waxed and even took my mom’s trash to the dump before running my actual errand to Tractor Supply to get hay and straw for the goats. Breakfast arrived back home to my starving husband at about noon.

All I knew was that I needed to stay busy and keep moving. Road trips don’t exactly sit well with my anxiety in my old age and this one was gonna be a doozy. So I spread fresh dry straw in the goat house for impending rain (thankfully we avoided the hurricane). I carefully organized the different animal feeds so that my oldest daughter and mother in law would have an easier time feeding the farm. I hauled water and loved on goats, chickens and dogs until it became apparent that I was stalling so I went inside to pack last minute items and clean the house.

When the clock finally struck 2pm (our intended leaving time) I laid on the floor with Lilly and said my final goodbyes, gave Rhaegar a pep talk about guarding the house and I went out to the car. 2 more quick “run ins” into the house to gather left behind shoes and waters tumblers and we were off…well off 5 minutes down the road to drop off the big kids. I gave them each 5 days worth of love and then we were off…for real this time.

Hubby took the first and longest shift of driving and the trip was surprisingly smooth. The most fun part was through the mountains of West Virginia. Such a beautiful and under appreciated state.

Believe it or not we only stopped three times for the potty. One of those potty breaks was also when we stopped for food. It’s so strange to go to a restaurant outside of your normal stomping grounds. It feels bizarre without that home field advantage. AJ did wonderfully throughout the entire trip. She didn’t cry or complain one time. We expected that she would sleep the entire time but she stayed up, perfectly content, until 9:07pm. What a trooper. Originally the plan was to stop for the night in Charleston, West Virginia and then do the last leg of the trip on Sunday, but Philip and I both felt strongly that we didn’t want to take her through two days of travel and that between the two of us we could get through the 8 hour trip just fine. We arrived at our hotel late that night and all got a great nights sleep.

Sunday, September 16th

We woke up with two surprises for Asher. These adorable baby deer pajamas, and a framed picture of her siblings that we left behind to bring her here. An experienced friend told me that it was very important to “bring her siblings along” and I’m glad that I did.

We got up this morning determined to get our bearings of this city (we are country mice for sure) and to set up our hotel room as home base. We went to Target for food and supplies and the stopped for Panera (we made AJ safe oatmeal back in the room). It spoke well to my sensibilities that there was a Kroger, Target and Panera close by to make me feel at home. After lunch it was time to explore. We found a beautiful river walk that had a playground where AJ could let some energy out. There was a splash park and a Ferris wheel. I think everyone in the world knows my fear of heights makes me especially hate ferris wheels but anything for my kids–so I rode.

We had a blast. Cincinnati is a beautiful city with a lot of neat things to offer, but oh there is no place like home. I like my slow paced town over the hustle and bustle any day. City driving is my worst nightmare.

We slowly made our way back to the hotel for hotel tacos because when you’re traveling for medical reasons you want to save every single penny. Eating out every meal for a week is simply out of the question.

After a good meal, lots of play/cuddle time and a bath Asher is all tucked away and bed ready for tomorrow. In fact everyone is sound asleep but me. My mama brain can’t turn off. I’ve been wondering, preparing and most of all praying about thing to come in the following few days. We’re hoping for a new plan. Something that will bring ease and comfort. Honestly those may not be realistic or attainable for use right now (ease and comfort) but we drove 8 hours for a reason. We want the very best for our daughter and nothing will stop me from fighting.

Thank you to each and everyone of you who have reached out to us with kind words of hope, support and prayer. I promise to keep you all updated in the days to come. I hope to shoot some footage for a video but I may be too busy. We’ll play it by ear. If I don’t get enough footage I may just make a sit down discussion video to update everyone.

I should go off to sleep since I need to be up in three hours. Be on the look out for updates.

Happy Flocking!!!


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