Love is in the Air…How to prepare Does for Breeding

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It’s that time of year again.  The does all have dates on Friday to get bred and that means I’ll get goat free for at least a week.  That means I have time to clean out stalls, lay fresh straw, and fix their fence.  I’m also looking forward to a weeks worth of peace and quiet.

The following is how I am preparing for this breeding season:

Find a Buck-  I’m going to preface this by saying that I do NOT have fancy registered does (toffee is registered but she is the only one), so I am not looking for super fancy registered bucks with pedigrees a mile long.  I am simply looking for a HEALTHY BUCK, with a good temperament, that isn’t too big, has a good track record for throwing girls, and has a nice look to him.  Other than that we aren’t terribly picky about out buck.  There a different way of finding a buck if you don’t already know someone with one. If you are confident using Craigslist that is probably an excellent resource.  I am fortunate enough to be in a local goat forum on Facebook so I made a post about wanting to breed my ladies and the BUCKS just rolled on in.

 Get the Ladies Gussied Up-  Now is the time to get your ladies look all fancy and clean for their date.  Hang on, slow down, step away from the hoof polish and lipstick.  Your goat is already pretty enough to attract the buck she can go fresh faced, let’s just work on some hygiene things.  This is a great time to trim those hooves, it’s better to do it now than getting up close and personal with them when they’re full of hormones and smelling like a buck.  If you want you can shave their back ends, but I don’t think that the bucks care whether they’ve had a Brazilian Bikini wax or not.

Health Boosters-  When I decided that it was time to breed the girls I immediately wanted to make sure that they were their very healthiest.  In my mind the healthier they are the more likely they are to get pregnant.  So we tried to focus on making sure they had consistent access to their mineral and feeding them the best food that we had.  We bulked it up with nutrients by adding pumpkin seeds.  I also gave the girls a dose of selenium/ Vitamin E, a copper bolus, and probiotic paste.

Get to Work-  While the ladies are gone I plan on sprucing up their area.  I’m going to clean the run, clean out their house and add fresh straw and repair their fence.  I may also rearrange their climb on activities.

I’m hoping that this breeding takes on the first try, but that may be wishful thinking.  Wish us luck in this new endeavor.  This is my first time being in charge of breeding, I purchased my does already bred.  Check out my ladies Online Dating Profile her.

Happy Breeding and Happy Flocking!


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