Impromptu Road Trip—Bringing Home Barbara Que

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(YouTube link at the bottom)

Sometimes your plans don’t go as planned, but due to some unforeseen circumstances it made more sense for us to pick up Barbara Que this weekend. Which also meant taking the goats to get bred this weekend. We did decide to wait to castrate Riblet until we go pick the goats up because I don’t think one more living creature could have fit in our vehicle.

So I loaded up the 4 kids and 2 goats and set out on an impromptu pajamas and sweat pants mommy adventure to go take care of our farm work.

We loaded up on both safe and unsafe snacks, soda (because it’s a road trip after all–judge me) and hit the road. One hour–4 kids–2 goats–1 mom and one 24 oz (decaf) coffee. We got this. The trip down was smooth. The goats didn’t fuss and we only had to stop once for one the potty. For our family that’s a success.

When we arrived we let out like a clown car and the kids were in awe every direction they looked. We love visiting farms! AJ and Gannon were quick to hug Lisa and her husband because they remember how much fun we had the last time. The two youngest even made Lisa’s husband spin them over and over.

The kids got to chase roosters and try to wrangle pigs and say goodbye to our does since we had to leave them behind for their last attempt at breeding for the year. If they don’t take this time then I’m gonna leave it alone for a few months. If they do take we’ll be expecting some May babies!

After the goats were on their date and the piglet was safe in the car it was time to head home. We had an easy trip ahead of us, but nothing can just be easy and routine with us. Poor AJ had a bout with her gastroparesis on the way home and vomited an impressive amount on the trip home. But other than that it was smooth sailing and we really enjoyed our trip.

As if our morning wasn’t busy enough we then had to come home and close in and insulate all of the animal houses for our first snow of the season.

I’m so proud to have had the courage to tackle the trip on my own, I’m proud of overcoming my anxiety about taking a trip with my gastroparesis little one and dealing with vomit in the car and I’m super proud I still had time to finish up all of the animal pens before the snow. The inside of my house is a mess but I can work on that while it snows.

If you want to watch our adventures click HERE

Happy ❄️ Flocking


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