Hey y’all I’m Kei (pronounced just like the object that opens doors).  I’m the mom of 4 humans (I used to say  “young” mom, but let’s face it at 29 I’m just a mom), 2 dogs, a wonderful flock of chickens and ducks, and a handful of goats.  It was a long time goal to raise my own chickens.  Finally we moved to a home where we had a pocket sized plot of land and with a plethora of research but zero experience I embarked on this dream journey.

After learning the hard way more than once, I figured it was time to start a blog and let the public watch this hot mess unfold.  I thought if anyone could explain chickens and goats to beginners it’d be me a true BEGINNER. I hope we can learn together and teach each other.  So buckle up buttercup it’s gonna be a beautiful wild ride!