Meet the Herd

I am so pleased to announce that we have added a dairy source to the homestead. I feel like we’re officially homesteaders now!  With chickens I could’ve been mistaken for a crazy chicken lady, but with goats IT just got real.

Millie was born in June of 2015.  She is a sassy black and white Nigerian Dwarf do with an adorable wisdom goatee! She is also Capri’s mom. Capri was from her second freshening. She has had twins both times.  On march 8th she gave birth to one giant buckling baby.

Capri (Capricorn) was born February 14 2017– a Valentines Baby! She is a first freshener giving birth to twins on March 1st 2018. She is tiny and white and just so cute. She is now being milked for the first time and it’s a learning experience for us both.

Toffee is a registered Mini Nubian (she’s half Nubian and half Nigerian dwarf).  She was born on June 6th 2016 and Joined our herd in April.  She was bred when we got her and due to  kid here very soon.  She was bottle raised and thus very friendly and a wonderful addition to our herd.  The established girls are still giving her a hard time, but she will fit in soon enough.

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